1.5” Bigfoot Isolation Feet – Non Adhesive Rubber Stoppers – 8 Pack Non-Skid Rubber Bumpers for Turntable Isolation – Anti Vibration Pads – 50 Duro


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Hudson HiFi understands sound, along with all the required attention to detail. With each creation, we strive to mirror this commitment to all our accessories. Our high-fidelity audio accessories and vinyl display solutions have many applications in elevating the listening experience. Every audiophile setup matters. These include rubber stoppers, rubber bumpers, anti vibration pads, and silicone adhesive rubber feet for electronics. But even the smallest accessories can make the biggest difference in terms of improving the audio quality of your devices. Introducing the Hudson Hi-Fi’s platinum silicone subwoofer isolation pad–a handy set of rubber stoppers that combines durability and shape retention to support your turntable record players. Each rubber pad reduces vibration and resonance up to 95.32%, optimizing the true sound of stereo equipment. Talk about more precise and noise-free audio quality. This non-skid rubber pad only requires minimal application steps and leaves no black residue. Unlike other rubber bumpers self adhesive, ours are specifically designed to target sub and supersonic micro vibrations to reduce resonance and further enhance sound.

  • Optimize Your Stereo Equipment’s Sound Quality: Reduce vibration and resonance by up to 95.32% with the help of these turntable isolation rubber stoppers. Play your favorite tracks and LPs without the muddy-sounding bass—rather a cleaner, more defined and highly nuanced audio quality.
  • Vibration Speaker Adhesive Rubber Bumpers for Precision and Clarity: Improve bass performance and maximize your sound device’s potential with this rubber pad pack. Equip your turntable players, speakers, and CD/DVD players with these anti vibration pads for exceptional weight and vibration distribution that prevents audio distortion.
  • Designed for Audiophiles & Casual Listeners: The Hudson HiFi Bigfoot Isolation Feet’s sturdy Durometer 50 (Shore A) is perfect for 60-100 lbs components. Unlike solid silicone adhesive rubber feet, these won’t scratch or ruin your device or surfaces. Each is 2.37” in diameter and 1.5” in height, and can withstand -40 ~+240 Degrees Celsius.
  • Durable and Easy to Install: Unlike rubber feet for electronics, these silicone feet maintain their shape and form over time. Plus, this rock solid subwoofer isolation pad keeps your device in place and leaves no residue once applied. Non-invasive, easy-to-attach and versatile application for mid to large-range components.
  • High Fidelity Audio Accessories for Elevated Listening Experience: Our products are the result of a close collaboration between musicians, engineers, producers, designers, and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Our rubber stoppers and the rest of our offerings aim to share the passion for music NYC instilled in us to all fellow audiophiles worldwide.

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