Acrylic Turntable Mat – GreenLit – LP Slipmat


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Turntable mat upgrades provide a significant improvement to record sound quality. As the single point of contact between a record and turntable platter; mats are an effective way to enhance your turntable playback experience. Platter mats absorb vibrational energy in a unique way, ultimately enabling a stylus to make improved contact with the grooves on a record. Note that each platter mat has a different soundstage depending on the turntable it lay. Features: Soundstage and Dimensions Record Label Recess Precision machined .5mm record label recess to ensure records stay flat on the mat. Soundstage Neutral ‘see-through’ sound quality with improved dynamics Tighter bass response Less splashy sound Improved mid-range Dimensions Thickness: 3mm Diameter: 11.75” Compatible with all turntables. Suitable for standard 12” turntable platters. Note: You can additionally use this item to set arm bias anti-skate force The flip side is as smooth as the top face, and is great for setting arm bias anti-skate force. You simply place the stylus on it and adjust until the arm sits in the same place and does not move toward the center or the edge. This will not damage the stylus and is arguably the most accurate way of setting the bias on your tonearm. Hudson Hi-Fi products are proudly designed and developed in New York by a group of machinists, engineers, producers, musicians, and hi-fi enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in using the products we create.


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